Don’t pretend, loadshedding is affecting economy negatively, Dodia tells gvt

Government has been advised against downplaying the impact that the current prices of energy will have on Zambia’s end year GDP.

Economic analyst Yusuf Dodia thinks that the fact that price of petrol has gone up and there is short supply of electricity there will be a direct impact on the productivity of the country.

Mr. Dodia who is also Private Sector Development Association (PSDA) chairperson is of the opinion that Zambia’s GDP will continue to suffer.

He has explained to Qfm News by telephone that this is because while the Mines may continue making their contributions to GDP figures, the productivity of the rest of the economy will reduce.

Mr. Dodia states that this therefore entails that GDP figures do not necessary tell the whole story about an economy.
He says sometimes the problem in an economy is camouflaged by big operators.

Mr. Dodia has referred to newly opened cement company Dangote as one such big operator that will significantly contribute to Zambia’s GDP at the time that other smaller companies are suffering and not managing to survive.

He says this is why he holds the position that GDP figures are usually good economists and accountants but that such numbers do not tell exactly what is happening in an economy.

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