‘Don’t provoke us, no one is recruiting soldiers in Barotseland’

We refute the claims by the Zambian police force that Mr. Namushi Nyambe and Mr. Lubasi Mukamba have been involved in recruiting retired security personnel to give military training to some Barotse people. We see this as an attempt by the state to tarnish our peaceful image as Barotse activists and thereon find an excuse to harm us in any way possible. Such machination will not help the situation the country of Zambia is currently in concerning Barotseland.

We have always pointed out that solving this issue does not need any violence at all and it is the state that, to no avail, has always used violence to silence us. The Barotse people are still committed to peace and will not engage in any dealings that may jeopardize that position.

We, however, would like to warn the Zambian government that any use of violence against our people will only make a bad situation worse. Our position is clear. We have chosen to disengage with Zambia and we have given reasons for that.

We do not overlook the fact that Zambian security forces which have been amassed in Barotseland have been professional so far by not inciting our people. This is the behaviour we expect from the State. There is, therefore, no reason for us to undermine the existing tranquillity by doing what we know very well that will only result in the suffering of our people yet again. What happened on 14th January 2011 must not be allowed to repeat itself. The State must avoid negatively capitalising on mere rumours. We expect the said investigation to be complete soon and the Zambian public be told of their outcome.

Shuwanga Shuwanga
BFM International Relations
7th April 2012.

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