Don’t refer to Nkandu Luo ‘Mr’, she is a woman – Lusambo

Don’t refer to  Nkandu Luo ‘Mr’, she is a woman – Lusambo

MMD die hard thug but now PF Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo says he is saddened that there are students at CBU and UNZA who are abusing Higher Education Minister Nkandu Luo by addressing her as a “man” on social media.

Lusambo claims such students risk being cursed as Luo was an elderly woman who needed to be respected as a mother by all.

“I am particularly saddened by my CBU students who have joined the unruly UNZA students in insulting Madam Luo. This is bad and I have really appologised to her. But I won’t allow this kind of behaviour to continue with students in my province”, he said.

On Saturday, students from the two major learning institutions took to social media calling Professor Luo a “man” after she announced the re-opening of all institutions of higher learning except UNZA and CBU which she said would only be re-opened once all biting issues are resolved. She went ahead and warned that CBU may not even be re-opened UNZA is allowed to resume. And this angered students who resorted to insulting her.

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