Dont temper with soldiers, intelligence warns Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has been warned not to proceed with his intentions of firing the army commander and his deputy, and the Zambia National service (ZNS) commander.

According to documents obtained from Lungu’s table by a Watchdog insider, both the central military intelligence unit and the Zambia intelligence and security services (ZISS) or OP as they are famously known have warned of a possible uprising from the defence rank and file if changes are made at such a critical time.

“Findings: rank and file can’t easily accept command change at this hour. Full allegiance is still paid to the current command and any manoeuvres may create uprising,” reads a line from the military intelligence report.

“The command must have changed shortly after 2015 but now is not the time. The plan is known by citizens and will have an impact on the election security. Even the ZAF commander doesn’t have full control over the institution so cannot be relied upon as a strong ally,” warns the OP report.

Lungu, with advise of his crooked political advisor Kaiser Zulu and his mate Mumbi Phiri is determined to change the command and send the Generals into foreign service, the way he repaced Stella Libongani with his puppet Kakoma Kanganja after discovering that Libongani couldn’t be manipulated in this election rigging.

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