‘Don’t try to blame China for your failure’

Regrettably, the Patriotic Front government has failed to show leadership and character in governance and economic affairs of this nation. The recent collapse of the stock markets in China cannot be the reason for the crashing Zambian economy. Much as we appreciate and understand the diverse effect it has added to our economy, just as the rest of the world, it is total madness and acute stupidity for the PF government to use that as an excuse for their failed leadership.

We have noticed as the Movement for Multiparty Democracy with great concern the PF government’s manoeuvres in the recent past in their desperate efforts to hoodwink the Zambian citizenry with their political rhetoric and politicization of government policy on a number of subjects. For instance, the recently launched Youth Empowerment Policy and Action Plan is nothing but a mere political tool that the PF government intends to use for their political mileage. The Zambian youths are waiting to see just how far that policy frame work will go and if that action plan will be actualised within its stipulated time or it will be another “90 Days” saga as we have all come to know the PF.

The Defence Force recruitment is another classic example of the PF government’s desperate attemps to fool us the youths of Zambia. The whole process, including this year when the Zambia Police Service was recruiting, was marred with corruption, nepotism and lack of professionalism. This Stone Age governance style is synonymous with the PF government. It is who you know and as MMD, we want to state categorically that these schemes will not make us lose focus in eliminating the PF off the Zambian political scene in 2016.

The hurried roads and other infrastructure developments, the continued creation of new districts and the pronouncements of huge public service salary increments to mention but a few are been done all on borrowed money. We cannot continue to live on “kaloba” (borrowed money), rather we should be nuturing ingenuity, creativity and seeking tangible solutions to our present economic woes and that is what the MMD is offering in 2016 and beyond under the leadership of Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba. It is not magic nor is it a fallacy that we as MMD have done it before. The Zambian people remember that we liberalized the economy and brought about economic emancipation to this nation.

It is evident that the PF government does not only lack direction in their governance policy but also lack experience. No wonder President Edgar Lungu’s government is full of opposition members of parliament. Zambians can see what is at play in the PF government. The President is out there seeking our guidance as the opposition because his own are consistently incompetent.

I therefore take this opportunity to urge all peace loving, true patriots of the mother land to carefully study the PF government as we go to the polls come 2016. I most emphatically call on the Zambian youths to rise in numbers and do a “Donchi Kubeba” on the PF by getting whatever they will give you in their desperation but make sure you remove them from government come 2016 because they have proven that leading Zambia is too much of a challenge for them.

We cannot go on like this as a nation being constantly derailed by the PF government. It is time for the New Hope MMD to be given a chance to lead Zambia again in 2016.

Lengwe Bwalya
MMD National Youth Treasurer

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