Don’t use me to fight your battles with RB, Sata tells Mmembe and Nchito

Don’t use me to fight your battles with RB, Sata tells Mmembe and Nchito

President Michael Sata on Monday April, 21,2014 told Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito and Post Newspapers Chief Fred Mmembe never to use him to fight their battles with former President Rupiah Banda.

President Sata told the two at State House when they went to complain to Sata that they were not happy that Sata had sat with Rupiah Banda during Church Service marking Good Friday at Saint Ignitius Catholic Church in Lusaka.

A source at State House has told the Zambian Watchdog that on Monday April 21, Mmembe and Nchito drove to State House and told Sata that Zambians will not believe him if he says he is fighting corruption if he is seen with Banda.

The source said the duo also complained to Sata for allowing Rupiah to travel to Tanzania to attend the unification of mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar. However, Sata reminded the two that they should not use him to fight personal battles. He also told them that Church issues should be respected and there was no way he was going to avoid sitting with Banda in Church.

“What happened was very embarrasing especially for Nchito because the President reminded him that he was a Christian and there was no way he was going to choose who to sit with in Church. It is like the President is slowly realising that the two are making him and the party unpopular. They are very divisive people,” the source said.

Further the source said what annoyed the President more is how the two could tell him not to allow Rupiah Banda to travel to Tanzania.

“What happened is that while in Church President Sata told RB that there was an invitation from Jakaya Kikwete Tanzania President for Rupiah Banda to attend the unification celebrations. RB did not know about this because it seems the cartel has put people at Cabinet Office who hide RB’s international invitations. The President told RB to send his administrative secretary to Cabinet Office the following day to make travel arrangements. Wynter Kabimba was sitting next to RB and he heard everything then he went to tell Mmembe and Nchito. That is how RB traveled to Tanzania. It was at the instructions of President Sata. He didn’t even know that there was an invitation for him,” the source said.

Nchito professes to be a staunch Christian (Baptist). On Sunday he carries a very big Bible and congregates at the Lusaka Baptist Church. His actions however do not match that of a Christian. As for Fred Mmembe most people know he does not believe in the existence of God.

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