Don’t vote for party with no experience in 2016 – Nevers Mumba

Movement for Multi Party Democracy President Nevers Mumba says Zambians should never vote for an untested political party again in a general election as they have learnt a bitter lesson under the Patriotic Front government.

Mumba said the MMD would provide the best alternative given their experience in government that would make them above amateur mistakes in the governance process.

“Voting for a party that has never been in power will be a mistake with what Zambians have learnt under the PF. They are better off voting for the MMD that has experience and has been renewing itself to provide better and tested leadership,” he said.

“There is this thinking that we try a new leadership which will be a disaster because after what a disaster the PF has been Zambians should have learnt their lesson.”

He said the MMD had embarked on a renewal exercise and had learnt from their mistakes of the past.

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