‘Don’t worry, word will come back to its senses’

Chibamba Kanyama writes :
REWRITING MY OLD LITTLE STORY THAT STILL LIVES: A day after thumping UNIP in 1991, I danced chikokoshi in front of my boss, Dr Stephen Moyo in a high celebratory mood! He was a gonna and I was extremely excited. I deliberately ignored 3 realities: (1) It was his decision to employ graduates that got me a job at ZNBC (2) He made a decision to have me promoted twice in less than a year of employment (3) He was guest of honour at my wedding a few months earlier through which he donated very handsomely. He also ensured one of his directors was my chauffeur.
In responding to my dance, he remarked, ‘We shall meet when the world comes back to its senses’. It did not take long before I went kneeling before him. As a former boss, His reference was critical for my Chevening scholarship application. Fortunately, he was mature. He new the world had come back to its senses; he helped me and my world has never been the same! He has helped me several times ever since!
Please, if you are being insulted and ridiculed for your decision, just swallow it! SWALLOW IT BIG! The world will come back to its senses at some point!
Let us ALL stay blessed and peaceful!

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