Dora Siliya challenged over Barotseland

Dora Siliya challenged over Barotseland

By Victor Mulala

To your response over SABC INTERVIEW, I respond the following:
You have complained through ZNBC that the interviewer was un-ethical and the interviewees were not truthful. You tell the world that you are going to launch a complaint to the Government of South Africa over the said interview but I want to show you that you have actually acknowledged that the charge slapped on your Government is indeed true!
To begin with, the subject matter or bone of contention on that interview was about Barotseland and the failed union with Northern Rhodesia and NOT the Zambia Army officers impregnating pupils in Barotseland!
You should have refuted the main issue on that interview and not a ‘by-the-way,’ matter. Your failure to refute the main issue on that interview, as GRZ’s spokesperson, shows to the world that your Government is guilty of the charges.
Where is your Government’s legitimacy over Barotseland? You were mute on this because you know it’s true, you have NO legitimacy over Barotseland and thus you need to tell your Government to peacefully disengage.
If you think the charges on that interview were/are not true, why don’t you seek audience with SABC while the complainants are still there so that the whole world hears the truth from both parties?
Why do you want to complain to South Africa?
You think South Africa is like you who trample on and suppress the freedoms of the people? Prove to the world by legal means that those comrades you called Zambians are Zambians indeed.
Has not your Government incarcerated Afumba Mombotwa and two others on fake treason charges?
Have you not told lies to the world through your Vice President Inonge Wina that Afumba and others were just remandees, when Sichinga sentenced them to ten years imprisonment in the Kabwe High Court in 2016?

And why do you keep on telling this foolishness and denying that Afumba is in your jail, holding him hostage? Isn’t this your admission of guilty?
If you are ethical yourself as a journalist, go to SABC and debate with those comrades on that independent and unbiased forum for the world to see.
GRZ has committed atrocities in Barotseland and to deny that is to parade your folly to the world and embarrassing your own Government and proving beyond doubt that you are but criminals!
You have a case to answer over the killings you committed in Mongu, 2011. And you are here on your colonized TV station defending injustice? What folly! Very unthinking!
How many countries are you going to complain to over your own injustices? But South Africa knows you are dictators and most corrupt nation in the world. Over Barotseland, you should just be shutting up because you will just worsen the situation.
Already you must have seen that there are people with tangible evidence of what comrade Nyambe alleged, so go there and challenge them if you have any evidence yourself.
If it was unfair to you for those comrades to appear on SABC interview, then, by the same token of logic, it will be even worse a case for you to go there alone!!!

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    KANYINI 2 weeks ago

    siliya nimakuuza read my name and you will understand what I mean

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    Yes it is useless that’s why David Kaunda signed it later on abrogated it ‘illegally’ by act of Parliament and then the People of Barotseland accepted the abrogation and decide to move on in 2012 at the BNC. Hard Facts/truths there was no Zambia before 1964.Zambia was born from the Union of Northern Rhodesia and Barotseland (unitary) through the Baroseland agreement 1964.History that was never taught why?

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    Its great to note that the famous slogan ‘ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION’ is an extract of the BA64 from Chapter three (3) of the APPENDIX asit reads .And whereas it is the wish of the Government Of Northern Rhodesia and The Litunga of Barotseland, His Council and The Chiefs and The People of Barotseland that Northern Rhodesia should proceed to Independence as ONE COUNTRY and that ALL its PEOPLE should be ONE NATION.

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    America before the creation of the united states cannot be claimed back. They did away with the past by writing themselves a new and standing constituion.The old French, Austrilian or name it cannot be claimed back. It’s a new order.The Barotse people or the Brirish did not make any agreements wih the people that occupied the claimed territories to be placed under their rule. To the contrary, the british put entire tribes and kingdoms under the Barottse rule without them knowing it. They were not even represented at the signing of the said agreement.The Barotse people adopted the air of tribal superiority, arrogance and colonist tendancies from the British who ignorantly, selfishly and greedly favoured them inorder to exploit Africans and their resources. This agreement is a non starter and archaic- based on tribal gratification…

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      Chris 2 weeks ago

      Only fools ignore their history. Thats why Zambia is not developing, because they want to barry their own history. 

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    Progressive nations have writen or rewiten their constitutions in order to stert afresh-all over again.Whatever agreements done with or organised by colonists were not always in good faith. Ther were many stages before the development of national states in the first world.There was no Barotse national state before. The tribes that lived in the claimed Barotse land were there before the Barotse and were never under the Litunga.The British played devide and rule. The territory became northern rhodesia before such an agreement was .ade…The arborigines , American Indians can’t claim their own national sovereignity.This is egocentric rhetoric based on the belief in tribal supiority. Some tribal African Kingdoms were divided among two or mkre nations during the partion of Africa but have no controversial agreements. Barotse activists still have colonist behaviour but still claiming territory that was ivnorantly deemed theirs. Let’s be rational for once !

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    Diplomat(r) 2 weeks ago

    Mr. Zambia. the majority of you Zambians know very well that all you got is Eastern, Muchinga, Northen and Luapula Provinces,  that’s the reason Zambia has been fearing to give the Presidency to the IIndeginous Barotse people.. Mwanawasa fit well but  he was killed. I suspect poisoning by OP spies.

      But you instead chose to oppress the owners of Zambia’s. Wealth. Once we get Barotseland back, Northwestern, Copperpelt, Southern Lusaka and Central  are all part of Barotseland. So you people will only remain with goats, kapenta, rats, monkeys and chickens . You cannot oppress the people who have given you wealth in all these provinces. We need to be self determined. We cannot live with people who refuse to be civilized. Why steal from others with guile and spight. It’s because you know that you don’t naturally own Zambia’s wealth. It belongs to people of the land.  It’s time for every Zambian to open their eyes and realise thatbtheybwere been illegally occupied. 

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    Diolomat(R) 2 weeks ago

    Well put Bo Mulala. Time is up for Zambia to be confronted by the entire international society for the crimes it committed on the Baritse people.  Dora comes from a tribe where they do wrong things and them justify them with self pity, like a rat…… She ran away from the truth and threatened to complain. Who doesn’t know that Zambia abrogated the Barotseland Agreement and how they have marginalised, stolen and discriminated against us, in the history of Zambia.  In addition to all these crimes they inflicted on others. They embarrassingly mobbed  and pillaged me; a returned UN Diplmat who lived with respect and dignity in South Africa, Sudan, UK and wherever I was… Edgar Lungu must tell SADC, UN, AU, EU and the entire International community why his underachieved lawyers, Makebi Zulu and his Advocates, Gilbert Phiri, Willis Muhanga and others all mobbed me, a UN Diplomat and manufactured lies and imposed cadres and prohibited immigrants to attack me and steal from me like imbeciles.?  Why has ECL allowed his imbeciles to sit and with hold my Zambja Police benefits and why are they nit prospecting those that killed my daughter. Just because I am Lozi speaking, they did all these wrong things to me. I have told Antonio Guterres and UN Security Council President, at the AU leadership, to question ECL! Why he let his imbeciles inflict me with all these harms. Then he abuses the judiciary to bully and coerce my belongings with no probable cause at all, and  even used an incompetent person to illegally remove my suit from the cause list. Dora cannot defend the crimes against humanity inflicted on the Barotse people. SABC and the entire world know that as ins, all we need is an international criminal tribunal to criminally prosecute the Zambians for the crimes against humanity they inflicted on us, and for Zambia to let the Baritseland determine itself. The manipulation  through the judicial process is enough to show the world that we cannot continue with them.  I need Janet Rogan to tell ECL and Dora that enough damage has been done and I need reparations.  Dora tell your idiots to go and steal from your mother. You will feel my pain as a woman. 

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    Mr Zambia 2 weeks ago

    This barotse land issue is useless, do u know that it includes northwestern , western, southern, central province( south of it) and copperbelt? Are the tribes going to agree to be ruled by u lozi people? Also tell people the true border of barotse