Dora Siliya continues hate speech agaainst Tongas

Dora Siliya continues hate speech agaainst Tongas

Dora-Siliya1PF government’s energy minister Dora Silya has continued his tribal based campaigns. Siliya was yesterday in Eastern province preaching, and spreading hatred against Tongas. With nothing to tell the people of Katete, this is all Siliya had to say: (click here to listen to the recording)

1. When choosing a leader we have to first check if that leader is humble; does this person give us water and does he joke and laugh with people?

2- We have to find out if this leader has worked in government before, does he have experience in government, because government is not like a ka personal business of selling cattle and you think you can also take care of people, no.

3- When choosing a leader you should ensure that……..(Zambia has many tribes and people have different character) don’t choose one with a short temper (small heart) and facial expression as if he has smelled something bad and does not even want to joke with people, wont that type of a leader arrest the entire nation?

4- Choose a person who humbles himself and fears God.

5- We want a president who brings all tribes together not just saying because I come from Eastern Province then you all follow me because I am your relative, no but one who brings all tribes together.

This is a PF meeting and we are and we are here to point at the UPND, Iam not here to insult but a normal person cannot vote for the UPND. In the history of Zambian elections Eastern Province supported Chiluba from Luapula, Sata and Rupiah Banda and now we are saying support Edgar Lungu.

The Lozis supported Chiluba, Kaunda, Mwanawasa, Rupiah and even Sata and Lungu got some votes from the Lozis.

In North Western Province the Kalunda, Luvale and Kaondes have in the past supported other people. MMD under Rupiah was strong among Kaondes, Luvales and Kalundas and North Western also supported Mwanawasa and Chiluba from Luapula.

The Lambas in Copperbelt, Lenjes and Lalas all supported other tribes. Now one province does not want to support others, which Province is that? Its Southern Province. Now listen, we know that Southern Province has Tongas and Ilas and many intelligent people who want their children to be in government at one time and they are ready to support other tribes but when they try to use their intelligence and support other tribes their leaders in UPND beat them, chase them from villages and burn their property for supporting other tribes. Now if you don’t support other tribes which tribe will support you?

That is why UPND has lost every election, can’t you see? All elections UPND loses and now they come here in Katete (and you are lucky you have already supported other tribes in the past) So now all Zambians have said lets support one from the Eastern Province , its Zambians and other tribes who have said so especially Bembas who said they have given us Lungu to rule. UPND refused to support Rupiah and now God has given us another person from the East. Can the UPND now come here and tell us that we support them instead of Lungu as if we have no brains? You people 1 plus one equals 2 not three

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