Dora Siliya contradictions

Dora Siliya contradictions

Dora and blunders

Dora Siliya-Yes I wish to confirm that President Edgar Lungu is building in Swaziland. The plot was given to him by King Mswati.

Even my friend Amos Chanda was also given land by the King.

Amos Chanda- The plot remains empty. There is no $4million spent anywhere. The President is not building and has not built. The plot remains vacant.

Dora Siliya- President Edgar Lungu has received more and bigger gifts from China than the plot in Eswatini.

Amos Chanda- The only gifts the President has received from China is boxes of tea…
Chinese tea.

Dora Siliya- The President did not know about the judgment prior to it’s release.

Amos Chanda was talking for himself and offered his personal view.

Dora Siliya- upto 42 % Zambian women drink alcohol excessively that they now top the list of worst drinkers in the world. This is according to the WHO survey…(those statistics are patently false).

Mike Mulongoti- the only known drunk is Dora Siliya and other drunks at State House.

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