Dora Siliya is an unrepentant tribalist

Laura Miti writes

Dora Bares Her Heart

Not sure who records and distributes audios and videos in which politicians share their unfiltered, inner thoughts but, heck, it’s intriguing to listen to their honest views.

These viral pieces are so unguarded, the speakers must surely think they are safe among family and friends.

In the latest viral video, Minister of Information, Dora Siliya, addresses a crowd in her home turf and we find out that:

1. She is an unapologetic tribalist.

2. She is still sore that RB lost to Michael Sata
and carries a personal grudge against Sata, even in his grave.

4. In her view, EL restored the RB presidency and is more of a continuation of RB’s tenure than Sata’s.

5. PF membership is simply a means to restore what she feels was an unjustly short MMD term.

6. She still holds a disdain for PF so she sells EL, not her current party, to her tribesmates.

Overall, Ms Siliya sounds very much as though, if she had a choice, it would still be RB and MMD in power.

Truth is there are many in Zambia who feel that way but we are not Ministers in a PF governmentšŸ¤­.

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