Dora Siliya is the enemy of PF


By Michael.
29th Oct, 2020.

Its hypocritical for PF today to celebrate the Life of Late Sata because of the people in it now. It’s disgusting to listen to the audio by Hon Dora Siliya addressing a meeting in Sinda saying Sata killed the Eastern agriculture because he was eating cassava.. The hatred Dora has for Sata is supported by the current PF leadership and its shocking to see them parade and mourn late Founder and President. Those are crocodile tears.
Addressing Village Headmen and their subjects in Sinda District, other than being tribal hated on Tonga ethnicity, Dora Siliya says RB gave Eastern fertilizer but eastern chose to remove him from office by voting for Sata who used to eat cassava and neglected Eastern province and concentrated on Bembas. Dora says Eastern Province should learn from the past mistakes it made by voting for Sata when they had their relative a Chewa RB. Just after voting for Sata, Eastern province suffered. She urged Eastern to vote for Edgar Lungu to continue having water and roads and fertilizer. In 2013, we called PF as Paya Farm because Sata was a President. She has accused President Sata of having killed Eastern Province as he stopped given them 8 bags of fertilizer.
On a shocking note other than hatred for Sata, Dora has accused Tongas of mounting to remove ECL from Presidency. She has asked Eastern province never to vote for a Tonga person. *” Lets not give out the presidency to Tongas like we gave out to Bembas in 2011. RB was President for 3 years only because we made a mistake to vote for Sata but God has again blessed Eastern with an Eastern man President Lungu who has been in office for 5years”* Why should we make a mistake again and vote for a Tonga man.
Having MPs and further Ministers like Dora is a curse to the nation. Such people are preoccupied by hatred and Tribalism than development and meeting the needs of the people who voted for them. Go to petauke Central, there is nothing as development which Dora as MP has done. Certainly she can’t say she brought Kalindawalo Hospital. Petauke has no township roads, no water, no order yet she has been MP for over 15 years now.
Dora is the enemy of the true PF. Dora is the enemy of the state. It’s therefore hypocritical for current PF and its leadership to celebrate life of Sata while still housing the people like Dora who hate President Sata with a passion even in his grave.
What kind of *One Zambia One Nation* does President Lungu believe on when majority of his Ministers and other Party leaders always find a way to offer ethnicity hatred against Tongas. Not long ago we saw how Hon Luo, Bizwell Mpundu, Chanda, Christopher Yaluma etc propelled hatred on Tongas. We saw how the Sinda MP in Kasenegwa Elections denounced fellow citizens for Tongas. Where have we gone wrong as a nation.
Who said PF is for Easterners and Bembas only? We see PF parading defectors in Western, North Western, Southen provinces etc joining. Or maybe true PF is for Easterners only.


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