Dora Siliya loses Parliamentary seat

The Supreme Court has nullified  the election of Dora Siliya as Petauke Central member of Parliament citing wide-spread corruption in the poll that saw her emerge the winner of the seat in 2011.
This follows Patriotic Front (PF) losing candidate Leonard Banda’s decision to petition a High Court ruling that fell in favour of Ms Siliya earlier on.
Mr Banda in his court papers contended that the elections were marred with “illegalities” that must ordinarily warrant a nullification
In delivering her ruling, Supreme Court Judge Elizabeth Muyovwe said Ms Siliya engaged in “illegal practices” which affected the election results in her favour.
Justice Muyovwe said Ms Siliya committed an illegality when she engaged in character assassination by telling the people that the PF government would stop the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) if it came into office.
She said Ms Siliya further told the electorate that farmers who supplied maize to the Food Reserve Agency would not be paid by the PF if elected into office.
Justice Muyovwe said Ms Siliya told the people that if they voted the PF into office, it would champion homosexuality and that a law for homosexuals would be the first thing the PF would enact.
Justice Muyovwe said Ms Siliya supported one of her campaign agents, Precious Zulu, to engage in character assassination of PF president Michael Sata.
She said statements were made in full view of Ms Siliya and that she approved and supported what her campaign team was doing.

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