Dora Siliya on picnic while farmers panic

Dora Siliya on picnic while farmers panic

Every year when farmers are stranded, and need urgent government solutions, but it’s Minister of Agriculture is usually taking selfies with stars.

Last year, farmers where stranded as farming in-puts were in chaos and army worms were ravaging the country, but Dora Siliya was in LosAngeles on holiday with a married man, Mark Mubalanama.

She later distributed pictures with a former world boxing champion, Mike Tyson.

The selfie of Dora with the Nigerian twin actors at the height of another chaotic farming season has refreshed memories of Zambians!
The Ministry of Agriculture has introduced 100% e-voucher to collect farming in-puts.
But the e-cards have not been funded and the distribution of the cards has been chaotic with many farmers left stranded deep in the farming season.

Why does President Edgar Lungu keep such a Minister who is highly incompetent or is at sea with farming and its policies??

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