Dora Siliya roasted for ‘ignorance’

Dora Siliya roasted for ‘ignorance’


Twitter users have roasted Chief Government Spokesperson, Dora Siliya for tweeting wrong and ignorant information.

Siliya tweeted;

“The President is #1 brand for Zambia justifying his visit to the 5 largest economy in E.U.Turkey. Economic restructuring & diversification requires friends and markets.
Focus must be to grow economy so that all sectors and Provinces benefit.”

But her followers immediately went to correct her.

“Turkey IS NOT in the E.U. please. Care to delete this tweet since it comes with the full weight of your office as Government Spokesperson?” Said Chihana.

Another one reminded her that Turkey is not the fifth largest economy in Europe and that Turkey was not even in Europe but in the Middle-East as she claimed.

Another disagreed with her on the assertion that President Edgar Lungu went to woo investors;

“If EL was going to Turkey to talk to investors, he shouldn’t have waited for the inauguration of the Turkish president. We look forward to seeing whatever will come out from this trip… Which is likely to be nothing.”

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