Dora Siliya says she is Covid-19 positive

Dora Siliya says she is Covid-19 positive

Lusaka- Saturday 23rd May 2020

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services and Chief Government Spokesperson, Dora Siliya says she has tested positive for COVID-19.

She said she is asymptomatic and is not showing any symptoms. She has isolated herself but her doctors are checking up on her.

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    The Watchman 1 week ago

    1.Why have you gone ahead to announce your COVID 19 status?
    2.Why hasn’t Chitotela or the Professor been given to announce that information?
    3. Why are you seemingly seeking sympathy?
    Knowing that your political opponents would fry you up for this announcement, why didn’t you let the medical community do the announcement?
    However, just like for every soul ravaged by COVID 19, I wish you well.

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    Ubuntunse 1 week ago

    The woman who lies that violence is not in the PF DNA. PF is violence. On Saturday I witnessed cadres in minibuses  harassing motorists on Cha Cha Cha Rd demanding they be given right of way and get off the road. If s motorist didn’t, they threatened with threatening insults and called them names. For the first time, I understood why citizens take up arms against their own government and people. This level of wanton lawlessness makes people feel they have little choice.

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    joyce Mbewe 1 week ago

    She is just sressed from PF cadre. Well she joined pf, she can as well put up with them. symptomatic, is a lie. Opne Prime TV, you useless minister.

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    Steve 1 week ago

    Looking forward to not hearing from Dora. A relief from her annoying, irritating, know it all arrogance. Karma is a ,,,

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    Enough is enough 1 week ago

    Hopefully she’ll repent about all the false statements she has made and turn out a better person !!!!  

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    Blago 1 week ago

    Thank you for doing the right thing in this moment, as a leader.
    Get well soon.

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    get well soonest, so that you can go through a mind change and serve the people of Zambia as a changed Person…

  • comment-avatar
    James bond 007 1 week ago

    Don’t worry you’ll be fine.