Dove delivers letter to Chinsali police station

Chinsali residents on Sunday witnessed a black dove which delivered a letter at Chinsali police station addressed to a Mr. Kabuswe.

Eye witnesses Gregory Chanda and Davies Bwalya confirmed the development to Muvi TV.

Mr. Chanda said he saw a black dove with a letter in a brown envelope tied around its neck and alerted the police officers who managed to catch it.The letter was addressed to Mr. Kabuswe of chinsali in Swahili language saying “kwa kabuswe, wamiyaji, chinsali.”

A Swahili trader was called to interpret the letter and explained that it was addressed to Mr. Kabuswe of immigration in chinsali.
The dove thereafter was kept by the police officers to stop the growing crowd at the station and the contents of the letter are however kept undisclosed by police officers.

But one person was heard promising to roast and eat the dove. See video below:

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