DPP (Mutembo Nchito) resisting instructions to drop charges against RB

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito is said to be resisting instructions from President Michael Sata to drop all criminal charges against former President Rupiah Banda.
A source from within the Patriotic Front government has disclosed that President Michael Sata had instructed DPP Mutembo Nchito to drop all criminal charges against Banda because he does not see them succeeding in the courts of law.
The source said Mutembo Nchito through the influence of Post Newspapers owner Fred Mmembe is adamant to drop charges because they are worried Rupiah Banda may sue the Post newspapers for damages because of the number of libelous stories the Post has carried on Rupiah calling him undesirable names including that of criminal.
“The President has instructed that all criminal charges against RB (Rupiah Banda) be dropped. He is of the view that the government is just wasting money because there seems to be no evidence to convict RB. However Mutembo Nchito is dillydallying because he knows RB may sue the Post Newspapers for the various libelous articles they have written about the former President among them calling him criminal. So they want to attach some certain conditions to the dropping of charges including no right to sue and no right to participate in active politics,” the source said.
The source said Rupiah Banda’s lawyers have since raised some constitution issues that they will submit tomorrow Tuesday 8/04/14. “The defense has since raised constitution issues and will be filing written submissions tomorrow Tuesday 08 April 2014,” the source said.

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