DPP Nchito fires State Advocates not happy with his appoitment

DPP Nchito fires State Advocates not happy with his appoitment

New Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito has fired his second in command, the Chief State Advocate and her Deputy.
Nchito is said to have fired the two veteran persecutors because they were not happy with his appointment as DPP.

Insiders at the DPP’s office say that he has complained that they were not present to receive him upon his appointment as they were attending a workshop and did not know when he was been sworn in.

Nchito had gone on holiday at the time his colleague Musa Mwenye was been sworn in. He has also complained that a duty rota was made with him doing the Supreme Court session in February.

‘It is well known that he prefers the Subordinate court and not the Supreme Court when it comes to criminal prosecution,’ explained one source.
The two fires advocates, like former DPP Chalwe Mchenga, fought against the hounding out of office of late Mukelabai Mukelabai in 2004.

All three knew that Mutembo has never forgiven them. The two ladies who have always been with the office of DPP since 1997 have been sent to PSMD for re-deployment.

The Watchdog understands that Mutembo went to the extent of personally locking the Chief State Advocate out of her office when apparently she took long to remove her personal stuff.

‘The office was only opened a week later. He wanted her to clear out within two hours. For both ladies he never asked them to give hand over notes but insisted that they hand over all the Office’s property which he kept chasing personally’, explained a source.
The source added that there is a general feeling among workers that Mutembo  Nchito wants to run the office with impunity as he has always strived to persecute people especially those seen as his enemies.

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