DPP reduces to manslaughter the murder of Reeves Malambo

We told you there is something fishy with the way DPP is handing the murder of Reeves Malambo.

There was drama at the Lusaka High Court this morning when family members of slain Lusaka businessman Reeves Malambo rejected Director of Public Prosecutions’ move to amend the murder charge to manslaughter. At its simplest definition, Manslaughter simply means you killed someone by mistake; you didn’t intend to.

Trouble started when a prosecutor from the DPP Chambers asked all Family members of the late Auto Force Founder to go outside the courtroom.

Outside, the State Advocate identified as Mr. Zimba told them that the State had decided to charge Ms. Benos the murder suspect with Manslaughter.

” We may seek an adjournment because we have amended the charge to manslaughter which the lady admits,” he said.

This annoyed family members who wondered why Forensic and Postmortem results are not out up to now.

” We know why you want to do that. Reports are missing. The Doctor who did the report was arrested on unknown charge. This is not fair. We will fight for Reeve’s blood,” one of the relatives was heard shouting.

By Press time the Family was still engaged in a discussion with the state.

So far, the DPP has refused to allow private prosecutors to be part of the prosecuting team.

Benos is represented by almost all the lawyers from the legal Aid Board, though we understand they will be paid commercial rates.



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    St. Sweet Anus 5 months

    Bad few months for DPP. Good to work with ethic from the beginning. It is easier.

  • comment-avatar
    A K 5 months

    what do u expect frm our dull,sticking,crooked zambian judges.de malambo family cannot get a fair judgement under de leadership of lungu & kakoma PIG.

  • comment-avatar
    Haajanika 5 months

    Why people?

  • comment-avatar
    tunga tinga 5 months

    Surely its animal farm stuff

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    The great book , the Bible says, ( immediately there was sin , there was a Saviour ) a Redeemer of mankind regardless of who we are , His death elevates us to a level of being called sons and daughters of The Most Hogh God . : please don’t misquote me or mislead yourselves by this statement above ! Perhaps this comparison is outlandishly given ! Please friends , comrades and fellow Zambians , give HH and his team a chance to run the affairs of this failed state ! He is definitely a God sent servant of the people . , yet we or many, ( ESP many ignorant friends in PF ) do not know it .

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    Spy 5 months

    If I were part of the deceased family, I would have suggested that matter be shelved for now till 2021 when we shall have proper people in some of these positions to let the law take its full course. This time around, I doubt if justice will be availed as expected. What’s the whole point of not allowing private prosecutors in a case like this? I surely smell the fish her.

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    Kasp 5 months

    The woman has “almost killed” and got away with before. Looks like she’ll get away with it again. One wonders who this woman is servicing. Utterly shameful these Zambian so called DPP/Judges/courts.

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    Barotseland 5 months

    This was pure murder case with intent to commit a felony because by holding a knife she had intention .

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    Joseph 5 months

    Appealing to who and which court? Useless. Animal farm for sure. Someone is murdered using a knife and you reduce the charge to manslaughter when its a known fact that a knife is used to kill a living thing and we use knives intentionally. Killing someone using a knife and you say they killed by mistake! To hell.

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    Heavy dimbwi 5 months

    Animal farm.

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    kubweka 5 months

    HMN sounds like they are trying to cover up a big name by reducing the charge of the accused to manslaughter. Too many legal aid lawyers; the relatives should appeal this case.