DPP refuses to allow private prosecutors in Reeves Malambo murder case

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Lilian ‘Nolle’ Shawa Siyuni has rejected a request by  the family of murdered Lusaka businessman Reeves Malambo’s to have a private prosecution.

According to sources from the DPP’s office, Malambo’s family wanted Lusaka Lawyer Vincent Malambo to private prosecute  Shabu Benos, who is accused of murdering Malambo but the DPP has declined without giving any reason.

The source said after Vincent Malambo was rejected, the family again asked the DPP to allow Mr. James Matarilo of Mumba Malila and Company to prosecute Ms. Benos but again the DPP declined without giving reasons.


The family has requested that the DPP allows them to private prosecute the matter which comes up on Monday September 11 but the DPP has rejected the request twice.


‘First they wanted Vincent Malambo but the DPP turned down the request

“We do not know why especially that the family suspects someone from government knows about the murder,” the source said.

Reeves Malambo, the founder of Auto force was murdered early this year by his girlfriend Shabu Benos in Lusaka’s Ibex Hill area.

Malambo is believed to have had a business deal involving US600,000 for the purposes of buying the famous Mukula tree.

A day after Malambo was murdered by the girlfriend using a Kitchen Knife, government issued a Statutory Instrument to ban the trading of Mukula Tree.

Ms. Benos appeared for mention before Lusaka High Court Judge Getrude Chawatama on September 4 and pleaded not guilty.

Trial starts this Monday September 11. She is being represented by more than five lawyers including some from The Legal Aid Department.

Its interesting that almost all the lawyers in the Legal Aid Department have been assigned to defend the accused person but the DPP is refusing to include private prosecutors.


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    Fyototo 6 months

    Please DPP enter a ‘Nolle’ there is no case here, this was a Mukula Smuggler !

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      Black Scorpion. 6 months

      fyototo as your name is, you are just a stupid idiot you satanist. no wonder you do not even know your equaly stupid father because of your stupid mother who just opens her legs even to dogs………….

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    Mainza 6 months

    This Siyuni woman is dedicated like Mungeni Mulenga to upholding, regardless, of Lungu’s personal, private and selfish interests. What Lungu’s interests are in this are in this, apart from his rabid and toxic hatred of anything Tonga; only Siyuni knows.

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    Jimmy shaba 6 months

    She is just doing her job professionally

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    Jimmy shaba 6 months

    She is just doing her job

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    Ras 6 months

    This DPP is stinking corruption. She has been a clown ever since she came on the scene