DPP’s chambers stinking corruption, financial abuse

Workers under the newly transformed National Prosecution Authority (Formerly DPP’s Chambers) have called on Auditor general and the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to check the books of accounts and operations at the institution where director, Mutembo Nchito is excessively abusing resources.

The workers told the Zambian Watchdog that Nchito, who has a record of financial abuse and together with his business associate Fred Mmembe currently owe the government over K38 million has dubiously re-engaged a retired man, a Mr. Kimena as Head – Human resource and subsequently authorized K60,000 settling in allowance.

Last year in June, workers were transferred from the justice ministry and according to the agreement, were supposed to be paid salary differences ranging between K3,000 to KK10,000 per month at the end of the year but only received peanuts.

“When we were transferred from Justice to NPA, we signed contracts and discovered that the salary differences were about K3,000 to K10,000 better and we were told that the money would be paid in December but we are shocked to be paid just about K5,000 for six months, in fact some people even got less. The other thing is that salaries have been reduced by about half and we are better off in Justice ministry than this NPA which Nchito is running like his law firm,” said some workers based at the head office.

Last year, some NPA lawyers went on strike citing salary discrepancies, but in the usual thuggish way, government fired them and all complaining workers are now being threatened with dismissals.

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