DPP’s husband fired from ZRA for exposing K1m theft by boss

DPP’s husband fired from ZRA for exposing K1m theft by boss


Effects of corruption, outright theft and nepotism. has hit the household of Director of Public Prosecutions Lilian Shawa Siyuni.

Her husband has just been fired from the Zambia Revenie Authority (ZRA).

According to intelligence sources Mr. Kwibisa Siyuni the husband to DPP Lilian Shawa Siyuni was last week dismissed as ZRA Chief Internal Auditor for not only being Lozi but for uncovering a scandal in which ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda’s wife bought furniture at East Park Mall for K1million which was paid for by ZRA. The furniture might have been put in the wife’s name but the thief here is Kingsley Chanda himself.

The source said Mr. Siyuni, a qualified Auditor who had recently returned from the United Kingdom where he worked for Globally reknowned Auditing Firm KPMG discovered that Mrs. Chanda bought furniture at one of the Furniture Shop at East Park Mall at K1million which was paid for by ZRA. Being the Chief Internal Auditor, he presents audit querries to the audit committee of the ZRA board and not management.

A month ago Mr. Siyuni who probably thought Zambia is like the United Kingdom where good Corporate Governance is championed presented the report to the Audit Committee of the ZRA board which is headed by Lusaka Lawyer Alfred J J Lungu of Chilupe and Company. What Mr. Siyuni did not know was that Mr. Alfred Lungu who is also Lusaka Stock Exchange (LuSE) Board Chairperson and Kingsley Chanda are Birds of the same Feathers. They are both Alexander Chikwanda’s people are well known tribalist. Mr. Lungu was appointed LuSE Board Chairperson by Mr. Chikwanda then as Finance Minister. It is Chikwanda who also nominated him to sit on the ZRA Board which is Chaired by Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Secretary General Chileshe Kapwepwe who was also appointed by Chikwanda. Kingsley Chanda was appointed ZRA Commissioner General by Mr. Chikwanda as well. The source further said Mr. Lungu decided to take the confidential audit report to Mr. Chanda who then charged Mr. Siyuni for not tabling the audit query with him. Mr. Siyuni exonerated himself that he was not obliged to present the report to management but to the board. Unfortunately Mr. Siyuni had a feel of the PF corruption and was dismissed last week. Meanwhile, some ZRA officials have called for Ms. Chileshe Kapwepwe to resign as ZRA Board Chair because of conflict of interest. The ZRA officials allege that as COMESA SG Ms. Kapwepwe also interacts with other Revenue Authorities from the member states. As you await the Anti Corruption Commission stage managed briefing this morning, here is another food for thought. Furniture for K1million.

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    Thank you Mr PF for destroying Zambia
    We will vote you back in power so we can suffer even more

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    Chisha Banda 2 weeks ago

    What well meaning Zambians should know is that white collar crime in Zambia is tribal. Awarding of sensitive jobs like DPP, Secretary to Cabinet and procurement jobs are no longer on merit but are now given on tribal lines. Those from former North-western Rhodesia should be realizing that this country called Zambia is no longer for them as well. They are just as good as being stateless. The Zambian Government no longer cares for then and will subject them to all sorts of humiliations. There is no need to be professional if your name is associated with territories of former North Western Rhodesia.

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    samlindo 2 weeks ago

    The awarding of whistleblowers by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority should be emulated by Zambia Revenue Authority, with that kind of award per recoverable amount, not recovered Amount the government will realize that VAT is just a good taxation system, the biggest problem is evasion which can be countered with such awards.

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    Draw Parallels 2 weeks ago

    Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) To Award Monetary Rewards To Whistleblowers
    The Commissioner-General ZIMRA of may, with the approval of the Minister, award to any person, not being an employee of the Authority or a near relative of an employee of the Authority, a monetary reward for information provided or any measure taken which results in detection of smuggling or any other offence against any of the Acts specified in the First Schedule, and the recovery of revenue which would otherwise have been lost.…
    The amount to be awarded in terms of the mentioned Section 34B of the Revenue Authority Act is at a rate of ten per cent of the recovered revenue.

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    Shikulu Bantu 2 weeks ago

    The so called Alexander Chikwanda has sowed the seed of corruption, nepotism and tribalism with no shame.
    No wonder the former Minister of Finance said the calls for audit of minister’s lifestyle are ridiculous.
    Chikwanda, who served in Cabinet for 17 years under various administrations believes auditing ministers or any group of citizens is not necessary because the country has enough laws to deal with perpetrators of corrupt.
    There are growing calls to conduct lifestyle audits on minsters and former ministers to establish whether the property they own and lavish lifestyles they lead correspond with their Legitimate earnings.
    No one says there are no laws. But laws need to be implemented by human beings and lifestyle audit is a very good starting point to deal with perpetrators of corruption.
    How come the system is so”infested” with corruption, nepotism and tribalism?
    “President Michael Sata has told Finance Minister Alexandra Chikwanda that he can not resign because he would be prosecuted for corruption during the rebasing of the Kwacha as he is suspected to have received huge gratifications from companies that printed and minted the new Zambian currency.
    Sources at State House revealed that Sata told Chikwanda on Wednesday night that it was easier for him to protect his uncle from possible prosecution while serving as Cabinet Minister unlike when he was an ordinary citizen.”