Dr. Banda calls on Zambian to fight for new constitution

ON DUTIES and RESPONSIBILITIES of a CITIZEN [Political Activism]: Whereas the Republican Constitution is indispensable for the governance of our country, the PF [Zambia’s ruling party] is not. We call upon all citizens regardless of tribe, religion, race or political affiliation to unite, as we did against the MMD’s Third Term Campaign, and again let us passionately fight and defeat this evil that is now standing in the way of democracy, national stability, rule of law, prosperity and national develoment. We demand a new Republican Constitution now. And, in line with the PF’s own manifesto and promise, it must be adopted through a referendum. The PF government is clearly a deceptive one. For instance, they cannot on one hand claim that over 30 parliamentary elections held in 2011 were fraudulent and at the same time claim that President Sata was elected freely and fairly. This is cheating of the worst order. And strangely, the PF does it without shame. This government presently has no legitimacy to continue governing our country. Being the obstacle that it is to our wellbeing, the PF, therefore, must go! In this year of Jubilee and beyond, Zambia now needs new, patriotic, competent and youthful leaders. We, the people, have more power than any political party! And the destiny of our beloved country is indeed in our collective hands! Abash deception! Have your say!

Dr. Canisius Banda
UPND Vice-President Politics

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