‘Dr Canisius Banda right man for UPND job’

I was elated when I read the news in the Zambian Watchdog of the
impending appointment of Dr Canisius Banda as Vice President of the

I have closely followed the career of Dr Canisius Miles Banda for many
years. I have followed his journey from the Days he was Resident
Doctors Secretary General in 1999. When he together with his comrades
led a campaign to improve the conditions of our hospitals and improve
the conditions of service of health professionals in Zambia. I
remember him facing the then President Chiluba at State house and tell
in him and I quote ” Mr President we are not born renegades. But it is
the pathetic conditions in your hospitals that dictated our course of
action. Mr President with all due respect we are not going back for
work   until conditions in your Hospitals are bettered!.

This remakable son of the soil worked as the first Resident Doctor in
Chongwe district since independence. Where he served the people of
Chongwe day and night for a number of years.

His stay at the Ministry of health as Director was characterised by
humility and team work.

I have no Doubt that he will perform as UPND Vice President.

Dr Banda has succeeded in what ever he does because;  he has the
humility of a   lamb, the hard work of an ox, the strength of a bear,
the courage of a lion, the wisdom of a serpent and the razor sharp
vision of an eagle.

With people like Dr Banda in UPND under the remakable and battle
hardened leadership of Mr Hichilema. UPND will form government in the
near future…


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