Dr Canisius Banda says Barotseland activists are rebels and must face treason

Former UPND vice president Dr Canisius Banda says people championing the Barotseland issue must be hunted down by the state and be charged with treason.
Dr Banda has further urged President Edgar Lungu not to sign any agreement with any province or region of Zambia regardless of what agreement was signed in the past.
He claims that those championing the Barotseland issue are ‘renegades’ who must be hunted down where ever they may be and be brought to Lusaka to face justice for what he says is ‘trying to divide the country’.
‘President Lungu must look for them, find them and bring them here, extradited where ever they happen to be, they must come here, those are enemies of the state, they are guilty of treason, we don’t want people like that anywhere and whoever is backing them we must find out who it is who is supporting these renegades who want Zambia to be destroyed,’ Dr Banda said.
In 1969 the Zambian government terminated the 1964 Agreement that brought together the former British protectorate of Barotseland and the former British colony of Northern Rhodesia but maintained its hold on Barotseland.
In 2012 Barotseland resolved through the Barotse National Council (BNC) to accept the 1969 termination of the Agreement and revert to their pri-1964 status after repeated calls for the restoration of the Agreement were repeatedly rejected or ignored by Zambia.
In 2014 Barotseland activists challenged the Zambian government through their Paris based lawyers to sign a Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) form to allow for an independent arbitration and for Zambia to prove that they still have legitimacy to hold on to Barotseland after abrogating the Barotseland Agreement.
Prior to independence in 1964 the two entities were jointly administered by the British with Barotseland having semi autonomy.
Few months after the signing of the Barotseland Agreement on 18th May 1964 in London, the then Prime Minister of Northern Rhodesia Kenneth Kaunda travelled to Barotseland and assured the people that his government would not in any way interfere with the day to day administration of Barotseland
Below is what he said:
‘I am glad that the basis of the agreement is that Barotseland is an integral part of Zambia and I can assure you, Sir Mwanawina and all members of the Barotse Royal family and of the Barotse government, that government (Zambian) has no wish to interfere with the day to day running of the internal affairs of Barotseland. This is the responsibility of the Barotse government and the intention of the central government will be to give the Barotse government its maximum assistance and cooperation.’
Fast forward to 1969, while addressing the nation on 25th August 1969 at Matero, having earlier changed Barotseland from a territory to a province, Kaunda made the following declarations relating to Barotseland contrary to what he promised in Lealui in 1964:
‘First, the Barotse province is now to become Western province. The present Western province, which bears no relationship to the direction, will become Copperbelt province. Logically, Barotse province should have been Western province in view of the geographical location of the North Western province.
Second, the Barotse National School is to assume another name (Kambule) for we cannot have a nation within a nation.

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