Dr.Kaseba condemns MMD for attacks on Sata

Dr.Kaseba condemns MMD for attacks on Sata

Dr. Kaseba kissing husband Sata

Wife of Patriotic Front (PF) Leader Michael Sata, Dr. Christine Kaseba has expressed disappointment at the Movement for Multi-party Democracy’s (MMD) continued attacks on her husband.

Speaking in Lusaka, Dr.Kaseba said it is disheartening to see MMD labelling Sata as being mad and wondered why the ruling party is having sleepless nights over an alleged crazy man.

She also disputed news going around that she was dead, adding that PF adversaries are the individuals faking her demise.

Dr. Kaseba accused the MMD of fabricating all kinds of stories about her spouse to lessen his popularity because the ruling party is panicking as it is headed for a loss in the forthcoming polls.

She however, advised the electorate to rubbish all allegations that the PF leader supports evil activities such as homosexuality as Sata is a man of integrity who is married to a woman not a fellow man.

Meanwhile, Aspiring PF Munali Member of Parliament (MP) Professor Nkandu Luo has urged President Rupiah Banda to graciously surrender his position as SADC Chairperson for peace and security.

Luo charged that President Banda has failed to control MMD cadres practicing violence, therefore he is not fit to be in charge of ensuring there is peace and security in Southern Africa.


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