Dr Mpombo’ s vocabulary

Dr Mpombo’ s vocabulary

Dr. Mpombo😆

I’m profoundly and humongously ecstatic at this momentous ascendancy I’ve undertaken by metamorphosing my Holly tentacles to the mighty UPND.

I’m further elated by the warm welcome that president HH has humbly bequeathed me, a fellow political dinosaur from Masaiti where I’m domiciled.

I wish to pledge my queenly vocabulary to the disposal of HH whom I shall with sovereignty sobriety march with to the total vanquishment of the parasitic and banditry PF under the staggering leadership of one Chagwa.

To my new abode herein referred to as UPND, please make unrestricted utilization of my Mpombonic English which the partially learned Kambwili and the infamous homo sapien Mumbi Phiri can not fathom.

I promise Chagwa that we shall lay cacophony at your doorstep if you persist on this path of kerfuffle.

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