Dr. Mwaba and Dr. Kasonka stole money for TB ward, now they want more’

Dr. Mwaba and Dr. Kasonka stole money for TB ward, now they want more’

Money which was mean to build a TB-ward at the UTH was stolen by two public officers few years ago and this led to failure to complete this ward. Now the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Health has advertised bid to RENOVATE this incomplete ward. This is admission of theft and a cover-up by the same two men.

Money meant for this  incomplete building at UTH was stolen

There was an advert by the Permanent  Secretary of Ministry of health in the ZBC news Business edition page 13 (Monday 9th to July 13th 2012). It read Ministry of Health, Invitation for bids (MOH/W/013/12) TENDER FOR THE PROPOSED RENOVATIONS OF MDR-TB WARD AT THE UNIVERSITY TEACHING HOSPITAL.

This building had full funding. What it means is that it was funded to its completion. No sooner had the building started than it abruptly stopped. The story was that the Executive Director of UTH (Dr Peter Mwaba) and his Deputy (Dr Lackson Kasonka) had stolen the money hence the ward could not be completed. Up to date this ward is a sorry sight. It is located behind the medical wards E-block. All there is are a slab, empty frame-less wall and an incomplete roof. (see attached picture got 2 days ago).

Regardless of these stories both Dr Peter Mwaba and Lackson Kasonka were awarded with promotions. Dr peter Mwaba is the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Health while Dr kasonka is the  ED-UTH.

Health workers are aware of the very sick patients with a very infectious TB who are in wrong ward. This means they are potentially infecting everyone. Peter Mwaba a TB expert is very aware of this time bomb. This building is a sore the eyes to these two important men so they had to use their powers covering up.

So the current PS sources funds in the name of renovating the building. Meaning that he want people to believe that it is a completed building which has been working well but has been overused and need repairs.

The public already parted with money to build the MDR-TB ward which was stolen by the two men, and now more money should be spent by the public. One thief sources for the money and the other one supervises the building.

Multi-Drug resistant Tuberculosis(MBR-TB) is the most dangerous form to Tuberculosis which is very infectious and difficult to treat. It fails to be treated by current drugs available in Zambia. The rare drugs cost more than K1,000,000.00 (one  million) per months and treatment is for at least twelve months (two years).

This disease is becoming a health problem in Zambia. Patients with MDR-TB cannot be kept with other patients in the medical ward.

Dr Peter Mwaba who is a TB expert started sourcing funds to build the MDR-TB ward to handle the patients.

These patients would be coming from all over Zambia. At the moment they have nowhere to safe to be admitted. This MDR-TB ward was never completed because he and his deputy then, Dr L. Kasonka pocketed this money.

Now they are advertising that they want the building to be renovated. They two are still in offices. Arguably since the system is still the same, part of this money may also be stolen.

Apparently the state has these details of theft. However, since these two thieves are of the right surname, coming from the chosen province and already very famous with some women in the  current government, they are on their way to steal and get away with it again. This will be at the cost of tax payers at the cost of patient with TB in Zambia.

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