Dr. Nalini’s murder: police arrest Shah

Dr. Nalini. She was found murdered in Northmead Lusaka. But her killers were never found

The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) has reportedly arrested the administrator of Dr. Nalini’s estate, the Indian doctor who was found brutally murdered in her house in Lusaka.

DEC is said to have engaged INTERPOL to nab Jayesh Shah who is based in Zimbabwe.

Shah is said to have been arrested and detained by Interpol at Harare airport and served with a notice to appear before DEC in Lusaka.

His lawyers later managed to obtain a police bond on condition that he should,  within 48hours, appear before the Zambia Drug Enforcement Commission.

Interpol warned him that failure to do so, he would be arrested wherever he will be and extradited to Zambia.

Part of the notice to Shah read as follows:

Accused is suspected and was concerned in a scheme or an arrangement which facilitated acquisition or retention or use or control or being in possession of proceeds of crime including externalization of USD 50,000,000 from the Republic of Zambia soon after Aug 2007).”

Dr. Nalini was murdered in 2007 and his relatives state that she had property worth about USD50, 000,000

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