Mumba calls on foreign leaders to shun visiting Lungu

MMD president Dr Nevers Mumba has appealed to foreign heads of state being invited by Edgar Lungu’s government to shun the invitations as this was not the best time for any head of state to visit Zambia.
Dr Mumba charged that Zambia has now qualified to be called a dictatorship and has become a leader in the abuse of human rights.
He pointed out that an official visit to Zambia by any President will be perceived as supporting the evil vices being perpetuated by the Zambian regime against Zambian people adding that Edgar Lungu was on a legitimacy seeking crusade and he hopes to achieve this by inviting legitimately elected regional presidents to come and cleanse his status.
‘We plead for regional Heads of State to resist the temptation of coming to Zambia at this difficult time but use their resources and time to force President Lungu to respect human rights and free Hakainde Hichilema,’ Dr Mumba said.
Dr Mumba said he hopes SADC countries will support the Zambian people at this time in the same manner Zambia supported them during their pre- independence days.
He charged that Lungu’s heavy handedness comes in the wake of the pending electoral petition which has challenged his election but has not been heard forcing many Zambians not to recognize him.
‘This is the source of President Lungu’s anger and has vowed to deal with all those opposition leaders who do not recognize him as legitimately elected,’ Dr Mumba observed.

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