Draconian and barbaric; man jailed for defaming Sata

A civil servant in Kasama has been sentenced to three (3) months imprisonment with hard labour by the
Magistrate Court for defaming Republican President Michael Sata.

Kasama District Culture Officer Patrick Mubanga, 38, of ZAMTEL Compound was found guilty of the offence by Magistrate Monica
Mwamulima when he appeared for judgement yesterday.

Facts before the court were that on 27th March, this year, Mubanga with intent did bring the name of the President into hatred and
ridicule did utter defamatory words against the Head of State during a drinking spree.

And in mitigation, Mubanga appealed for leniency from the Court, saying he was a first offender and would lose his job and benefits as
a government employee if convicted.

He also claimed that he was not in the right state of mind when he uttered the defamatory words against the President.
But Magistrate Mwamulima said the offence committed by Mubanga was serious and required a stiffer punishment to deter would-be offenders.

Magistrate Mwamulima further said Mubanga deserved a jail sentence for him to learn lessons that defaming the Head of State is unacceptable act in the Zambian society.

The sentence for the accused is with effect from 28th March, when he was arrested.

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