Draft Constitution changed, 50 +1, running mate clauses removed

Draft Constitution changed, 50 +1, running mate clauses removed

The secret committee that was set up to look at the draft constitution has made drastic and deadly changes to the documents submitted to government.

The secret Committee is led Justice Permanent Secretary Joseph Akafumba.

The secret government committee has so far removed the 50+1 percent requirement for a candidate to win the republican presidency.

The president and vice-president running-mate clause has also been removed.

But, instead, they have inserted a “Good Standing Clause` in which for someone to qualify to stand as president, that person must be of good standing.

‘Good standing’ is explained in the same clause as a person with no pending court case, no previous conviction and no corruption allegation against that person.

This clause is meant at blocking UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and MMD president Nevers Mumba from standing. The idea is that whether pastor Mumba and HH are convicted or not in the ongoing trumped up charges, they will still be blocked as they will certainly have cases in court and other charges in the newspapers. They will be said to have ‘no good standing.’

Another clause that has been brought in allows the incumbent president to stop or push forward elections at his discretion if there is what he “sees` as violence.

Another clause that has been inserted allows power to change hands without immediate election in special `unstable` cases. These two clauses are supposed to complement each other. When the president has cancelled the election due to what he sees as violence, he can hand over power to a person of his choice.

The Watchdog has also been informed by one of the persons in the secret committee that the new constitution will only go through parliament for enactment. There will be no referendum.

The PF has decided that all upcoming parliamentary by-elections should be won by the ruling party at any cost to make sure that the constitution will be passed the way the PF wants it.

“Michael Kaingu and Dr Chituwo have already agreed to work with the PF and when voting for the constitution comes, they will vote with PF,’ PF insiders have disclosed.

‘Plan A, which is ongoing, is to kill MMD as a party then destabilise UPND by offering big cash to UPND MPs to resign so that they stand on PF tickets putting PF on an advantage.
‘Then if Plan A fails Plan B; is to impose their constitution on Zambian people which will bar HH and Nevers Mumba, this is were Dr kaingu, Dr Chituwo and other compromised MPs come in to make sure the constitution passes through in parliament without opposition,’ contacts have explained.

As for the disbanded Technical Committee Drafting the Constitution led Justice Annel Silungwe; they have been dribbled.

The PF will say that they did not change anything in the draft constitution. It will be Annel Silungwe’s word against the government. In fact, some members of the Technical Committee will be paid and paraded to attest and swear that, this is the draft law we made.
Justice Annel Sinyangwe and his team were beaten the day they handed over the draft constitution to government only. They should have released it to the public at the same time to serve their respective integrity.

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