Draft constitution ignores Barotseland agreement but creates structures similar to Federal State

The draft constitution has completely ignored the Bartoseland agreement but has created structures similar to a Federal System of government where regions have semi-autonomous powers.

Part 2 section 4 of the draft law says:

(1) Zambia is a sovereign Republic, consisting of the territory and territorial waters described and delineated in an Act of Parliament. (2) The Republic of Zambia is a free, unitary, indivisible, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-party democratic State. (3) The Republic of Zambia shall not be ceded, in whole or in part.

It further says, the entering into a union or other form of inter-state organisation, by the Republic of Zambia, shall not be ceding of the Republic.

But,  the draft constitution has made elaborate provisions for creation of semi-autonomous Provincial Assemblies complete with provincial speaker and the deputy, almost along the lines of a Federal State.

The provincial Assembly will consist of the Provincial Minister (to be appointed by the Republican president); the Members of Parliament from within 
the Province; the mayors or council chairpersons of 
the district councils in the Province; three chiefs representing all the chiefs 
in the Province; three representatives of an
organisation representing persons in commerce and industry operating in the Province; three representatives of an organisation representing farmers operating in the Province; three representatives of faith-based organisations operating in the Province; and a representative each from organisations operating in the Province representing women; youth; and persons with disabilities.

Some of the mandates of the provincial assemblies will be to determine local Bills for the governance of the Province, monitor the utilisation of resources and the implementation of development programmes in the Province and to  ensure the effective implementation of national development projects and programmes in the Province.

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