Draft Constitution provides for 50+1, presidential running mate

The just released draft constitution has provided for the contentious clause of 50+1 and a presidential running mate.

The constitution has also provided for funding of political parties with representation in parliament.

Meanwhile, death penalty has been maintained in the draft constitution.

Zambians living abroad will also be able to vote if the draft constitution is maintained.

Below are some of the provisions contained.

A person may be deprived of life if that person has been convicted of a capital offence and sentenced to death.

Elections to the office of President shall be conducted directly on the basis of a majoritarian system where the winning candidate must receive not less than fifty percent plus one vote of the valid votes cast accordance with Article 99.

Special arrangements to enable the following persons to vote:

-citizens living outside Zambia

Any person who was a candidate for election as a councillor or who stood for election as an independent, and who lost the election is not eligible, during the term of that district council or National Assembly, for appointment as-

.    (a)  Minister;

.    (b)  Provincial Minister; or

.    (c)  Parliamentary Secretary.

A general election shall be held every five years on the last Thursday of September after the last general election.

Elections to the office of President, National Assembly and district council may be held on separate days within ninety days of the period specified in Articles 103, 152 and 214, as the case may be.

The day on which an election is held shall be a public holiday.

Parliament shall enact legislation to provide for-

(a) the roles and functions of political parties in a multi-party democracy;

(b) the registration and de-registration of political parties;

(c) the establishment and management of a Political Parties’ Fund which shall provide financial support to political parties with seats in the National Assembly;

(d) the limit of money to be used for campaigns during elections;

(e) the accounts and audit of political parties which are funded under the Political Parties’ Fund;

(f) the submission of audited accounts as may be prescribed by an Act of Parliament;

(g) the sources of funds for political parties;

(h) restrictions on the use of public resources to promote the interests of political parties and their candidates; and



There shall be a Vice-President for the Republic who shall be elected as a running mate to a presidential candidate.

The qualifications and the disqualifications applying to a presidential candidate shall apply to the person selected by the presidential candidate as a running mate.

An election to the office of Vice-President shall be conducted at the same time as that of an election to the office of President so that a vote cast for a presidential candidate is a vote cast for the vice-presidential candidate, and if the presidential candidate is elected, the vice- presidential candidate is also elected.

A Vice-President elect shall be sworn into office by the Chief Justice and shall assume office on the same day that the President-elect assumes office.

Vice-President, election to office and swearing in

Where a vacancy occurs in the office of Vice- President through death, resignation or removal from office on the same grounds and procedures as apply to the President, the President shall appoint another person to be Vice-President and the National Assembly shall, by a resolution supported by the votes of not less than two-thirds of the Members of Parliament, approve the appointment of the Vice-President who shall serve for the unexpired term of office.

More on http://zambianconstitution.org/.


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