Drama as Sata abandons launch of Mongu stadium due to lack of Pick and Shovel

President Micheal Sata this morning caused drama in Mongu, Western province, at what was supposed to be the grounding breaking ceremony for the construction of the promised Mongu stadium in the area.

The president arrived at the venue, greeted a few women who were singing and even before he sat for the commencement of the official programme, proceeded to jump onto the Tipper-Truck without being ushered in.

Mr. Sata then demanded that someone starts the engine for him while he sat on the machine, to the confusion of  organisers, the Barotse indunas, senior government officials and some diplomats presents.

Upon realising that no one was starting the Tipper-Truck, Mr. Sata jumped off and started demanding for a Shovel and Pick so that he could break the ground.

This sent organisers and security officials in panic looking for the tools which were not available.

When they delayed bringing the Shovel and Pick, Mr. Sata immediately proceeded to his motorcade and left the venue even before he cut the ribbon.

This left senior Lozi Indunas, government officials, and diplomats wondering what was going on as the president was being driven to his chopper and proceeded to Shangombo.

Organisers and officials are still wondering whether there will be another ground breaking ceremony by Mr. Sata before the commencement of construction or the project has been abandoned for good.

Several senior government officials were heard murmuring as to the whether the man (Sata) was insane after all the efforts in terms of expenses, they put in organising the function since the president himself demanded that he wanted to please the Lozis by officiating at the event.

The Lozi Indunas and Barotse Royal Establisment (BRE) officials that were representing the Litunga were also heard saying they felt belittled and insulted with the behaviour of Mr. Sata for abandoning the project which he was supposed to launch this morning.

Mr. Sata has since left for Shangambo for another project, and is expected back in Lusaka later where there are better medical facilities later in the day.

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