Dress code during Born & bred questioned

Dear Editor,

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 09.31.40 How come the govt allowed provocative dressing to characterize the just Ended Born & Bred show? Is this not a failure on the part of the PF govt? Is the govt fully aware that Znbc is a National that must give The nation quality Programs. Tell me what has surely changed now for our dear ladies to dress in this way? Where is the dignity and splendour of an african woman? Where are the women to condemn this dress code? Where was the Minister of Broadcasting and information services? Where were the PS for Broadcasting and Services? Where was the Znbc Director of Programs? Where was the Znbc Chairperson? Are the All Parents, All Guardians, All relatives, All Families and All Friends of These ladies died that they can not offer them advice? Where is Zambia Going? The body of a woman is very precious to messed up in this way. In the past twas more less like a taboo to see a woman’s underwears, armpits, chest, thighs, breasts never. But nowadays, OMG! Just Yesterday a guy By the name of Lishomwa Muyendekwa has attracted Over 120 abusive comments from the suspected pf cadres at Mwebantu New Media for posting this comment; -“ Useless… PF is to blame for allowing the continued importation of salaula..no wonder kwacha is dieing… Importing used clothing…please reopen mulugushi textiles… Before our women start moving naked…”. But when you closely look at this comment an know what is at stake for our dear ladies as well as the upcoming generation, would you seriously insult him? It is a great disgrace and shame to our women and the nation at large. Awisi Jay

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