Drivers complain of harassment at Kasumbalesa border post

Tension is rising at Kasumbalesa border post where truckers from Zambia and other nations in the region have complained of victimization from the Congolese nationals and soldiers but Chililabombwe District Commissioner Stewart Chitumbo says the complaints have not reached government.

The truckers disclosed that when they are given a cross border form to get into Congo, Congolese soldiers victimize them and even get goods, money and food from them. The truckers have called for intervention from the Zambian anad Congolese officials to ensure the truckers’ safety failure to which they have threatened to park their trucks.

Early this year truckers, truckers refused to drive their trucks into Congo following the killing of a Zambian driver leading to the The border closure for over a week when confusion erupted in the usually calm Copperbelt town of Chililabombwe.
Kasumbalesa is one of Zambia’s busiest routes to Congo DR and the great lakes region and any instability will affect the flow of trade.

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