Drug barons take over DEC, as boss buys property using dirty money

Drug barons take over DEC, as boss buys property using dirty money

12065866_1043951105655639_8112260068010669152_n 12196282_1043951112322305_964333677032765070_nA senior police officer has implored president Edgar Lungu to immediately disband the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) or institute criminal investigations against director-general Alita Mbawhe and her brother Anderson Mbawhe.

Meanwhile, the Watchdog has discovered that Mbawhe has acquired huge and expensive property far beyond her earnings within the four years she has been in office.

Among the properties Mbawhe has acquired using drug money is 5 hectares of prime land in State Lodge Lusaka. She has since started constructing mansions, state of the art poultry houses, fishponds and workers’ compound on the same plot. The plot is near former president Kenneth Kaunda’s farm house and late president Michael Sata’s farm. Other people who have plots there are one former bank of Zambia governor, former state house spokesperson George Chelllah and a few other privileged people. The prime land is hedged in a tall wall fence as can be seen from the photos. Just constructing a tall wall fence like this one on a 5 hectares land costs huge sums of money, which a person civil servant cannot afford.

The police officer challenged Mbawhe to disclose where she is getting money to finance such construction projects and to buy such expensive land.

The police officer says drug traffickers and barons have taken over DEC and are using it to push and supply drugs in Zambia and the region. The police officer explained that DEC is no longer a law enforcement agency but the main drug supply centre. The police officer explained that Alita Mbawhe has been compromised beyond repair and that DEC is now a laughing stock in the region. The police officer said that drug traffickers do not need to worry about how to supply drugs in Zambia as distribution is done by DEC itself.

To achieve that end, Alita Mbawhe has maintained his younger brother Anderson as deputy commissioner for DEC intelligence, making him number two in DEC hierarchy. Anderson’s job is to identify drug barons and talk to them on behalf of the sister and agree on how to share the profits. Despite being given such a big and sensitive post, Anderson’s only qualification is certificate in catering from Fairview College.

Another person Alita Mbawhe is using for her corrupt activities is Fredric Chishala, the deputy commissioner for the money laundering unit at DEC. Chishala has no tertiary qualification, but is a grade 12 school leaver. As the officer in charge of money laundering, Chishala’s role is to talk to people accused of money laundering, promise them that their cases will be dropped provided that they share the money with DEC bosses.

The police officer explained that, because the senior DEC bosses have been compromised, you will never hear of a serious drug trafficker being arrested or successfully prosecuted in Zambia today. It is only farmers who are arrested for cultivating mbanje.

Another person Mbawhe uses is DEC spokesperson Teressa Katongo. Theresa Katongo is part of the inner corrupt circle and is used to cover up the dirty within DEC. The background is that she has a person relationship with Mbahwe as she privately calls her aunty. The ‘aunty’ is derived from the fact that her uncle ex-deputy commissioner of police Emmanuel Lukonde was Mbahwe’s boyfriend so she is highly favoured at DEC.

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