‘Drug traficker on death row in Malaysia is Nigerian but used Zambian passport’

The Zambian government has discovered that a 35 year old man who is on death row in Malaysia for drug trafficking claiming to be Zambian is not a Zambian national.

The man alleging to be Emmanuel Kasanda of Zambia was last year sentenced to death by hanging by a Penang High court for trafficking in 37 capsules of Heroin weighing 160 grams.

Mr. Kasanda whose real names are not known was discovered to be a Nigerian national traveling on a Zambian Passport.

The discovery was made after a recent consular visit to the death row convict by Zambian officials.

The convict confessed to be a Nigerian national who dubiously obtained a Zambian passport to facilitate for his easy movements.

He was arrested in October 2006 at Penang International Airport for trafficking in 37 capsules of heroin which he had swallowed.

This is according to a statement issues by Drug Enforcement Commission spokesperson John Nyawali.

And Nyawali says, in the case of Mailesi Phiri who is also facing a possible death penalty in that country for drug trafficking, it has been confirmed that she is a Zambian national as contacts with her family in Zambia have been established.

He said The Commission together with other law enforcement agencies has instituted investigations to establish how this Nigerian drug trafficker obtained a Zambian document without being noticed.

Meanwhile, the Lusaka Magistrate court has sentenced a Lusaka businessman to 12 months imprisonment with hard labour for trafficking in cocaine.

Nathan Mudzi Gondwe was convicted after he was found guilty of trafficking in narcotics contrary to section 6 of Cap 96 of the laws of Zambia.

However, Mr. Gondwe will only serve eight months as the other four months were suspended.

And one hundred six people were arrested countrywide in the last seven days for trafficking in different quantities of cannabis with a total weight of 500 kilograms.

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