Drunk minister fails to present bill in parliament

Drunk minister fails to present bill in parliament

“Margarette Mwanakatwe drunkenness costs government the Insolvency Bill!”

Since her husband lost her job as Managing Director of Zamtel, Mubanga Mwanakatwe, Minister of Commerce and Industry, Margaret Mwanakatwe has become an alcoholic.

Since the beginning of 2017 it has become a matter of serious concern that she always turns up either drunk or misses important meetings.

When abroad Mwanakatwe is always seen at the bar than at the meetings she has gone to attend.

Her officials have resorted to lying and covering up for her lies and her perpetual drunkenness!

In meetings she forcefully argues without reason and usually stops midstream wondering what it is she was protesting or arguing about!

She is usually joined by another alcoholic, Minister of National Development Planning, Lucky Mulusa who form a choir of the drunk in meetings.

It is not strange to see Mwanakatwe and Mulusa turn up drunk at Cabinet Meetings!

The attempts by veteran politician Mama Nkankasa to intervene and make her reduce her drunkenness earned her strong tongue lashing and the drunk Mwanakatwe couple chased the old noble woman from their house!

And matters came to head today when the

“Insolvency Bill Collapses in Parliament” lapsed because the Minister was unavailable.

The insolvency bill has collapsed in Parliament because the Hon Minister of Commerce and trade Mwanakatwe come late to present the bill on the floor of the house.

The implication of such failure in that bill puts the Executive in serious firing rage on how its its expected to govern without such a important bill…

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