Drunk plunderers running City of Lusaka Football Club

Dear Editor,

I wish to bring to the attention of all supporters of City of Lusaka Football Club, the Ministry of Sports, FAZ and all soccer loving citizens in Zambia about the rubbish currently obtaining at one of the oldest Football Clubs in Zambia. The Club is slowly going into the archives of this country due poor management under the self anointed Executive Committee led by Charles Kaisala  a.k.a Charlie Kays. His executive is killing the famous Club through incompetence in football administration, corruption and drunkenness.

Recently the Club raise colossal   sum of money from an investor who wants to put a Filling Station on the a piece of land near the Woodlands Stadium but this money is already being misused by Kaisala and his gang of red wine (marubeni) imbibers. Recently, two members of his group were sent to South Africa to buy a bus for the Team but the bus they brought is very old though bought at $20 000 plus allowances for the pair. Kaisala also influenced the single sorcing of bill boards from his friend after cheating that the bill  boards will be done free of charge but later a bill was presented for payment and the Secretary Silver Daka insured that the payment was made expressly in order to get a cut. The car was also recently by Silver Daka, Kaisala and Chikange but the proceeds were never banked.

As regards football administration, the current executive is useless as they have failed to take the team back to the Premier Division where it belong due to incompetence and limited knowledge of football administration. The Group has no capacity to identify talent and woo good players to the team. They have fired a coach they recently hired and wanted to bring Dave Musole as a replacement. Musole has no capacity to steer City back to Super Division because he is a leaner. What we need at City is an experienced Coach.

As supporters and members of City we need to rid of Kaisala and his mediocre leadership before it is too late. He can go and continue drinking wine and dance Rhumba since these are the things he knows best. Why are are big guns of City such as Dr. Mwanaumo. Sunday Nkonde, Chifumu Banda, Mike Matakala, Sam Yamalezi, Fred Yamba sitting and watching this club being ruined by Kaisala and his gang of illiterates and unemployed crooks?

Save City Camapign.

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