Drunk Police Officer tear-gases Kitwe residents as he is beaten

Some irate Kitwe residents this morning beat up a police officer suspected to have been drunk, while manning Chimwemwe police post.
According to the PF controlled ZNBC, one of the residents in Chimwemwe had gone to the police post to report a case, however the police officer could not attend to the matter, as he was allegedly drunk.
Lillian Kalaba reports from Kitwe that an eye-witness told the ZNBC news crew that rushed to the police post, that the armed officer was found sleeping and one of the residents grabbed the fire-arm from the officer and slapped him.
A fight then ensued between the residents and the police officer, who in the process threw a tear-gas canister at the crowd.
Suspects who were detained in the cells were also chocked in the process.
The News crew also found the police post engulfed in tear-gas smoke, as the suspects were being transferred to Mindolo police station, after officers from other stations intervened.
Efforts to get a comment from Mindolo Police Officer-In-Charge, and Copperbelt Police Commissioner, Joyce Kasosa proved futile by broadcast time.
The incident comes barely a week after another police officer who is suspected to have been drinking hit into a woman killing her baby.
The woman is recovering at Kitwe Central Hospital.
A similar incidence occurred on Saturday in Kafue after a PF Police cadre bashed a woman who was selling along the road resulting in rioting by irate residents.

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