Drunk priest in Chivuna bashes donated vehicle

A Chivuna ART vehicle Registration number ABP 481 donated by Churches Health
Association of Zambia was in the early hours of today (Saturday 24th November 2012), involved in an accident.

The vehicle was being driven by Fr Griffin Mwale from the local parish.
The three passengers, all teachers from  st Joseph high school who have been named as Mr jumbe,Mr Muyambo, and Mr choongo were all injured in the accident.

According to eye witnesses, Fr Mwale was drunk as he was returning from a drinking spree with the three teachers.

Local residents said around 21 hours; the vehicle was parked at a known local bar (Corner Bar). The priest and his friends were said to be inside imbibing.

The preist and his drinking mates later drove to Monze to continue drinking. Chivuna is between Monze and Mazbuka.

It was while returning to Chivuna that the drunk priest and teachers were involved in the road accident.

The vehicle was donated by CHAZ to the clinic to ease transportation of transfering patients to bigger hospitals in Monze or Mazabuka.

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