Dual citizenship: more PF incompetency and lies uncovered

The PF has continued with its trial and error programs. After exciting people with the so called dual citizenship, the regime says it wont be implemented now.

The government has since refused to receive applications from people seeking dual citizenships.

The amended Zambian constitution provides for dual citizenship but that can not happen unless the Immigration Act, which prohibits dual citizenship is amended.

But Parliament will be dissolved this week and a new parliament that might have different views on dual citizenship start sitting after elections.  And there is no guarantee that the next parliament will immediately amend the Immigration Act as there could be more pressing issues to attend to. So it could take another two years before the dual citizenshiop law is actually effected. The ministry of Home Affairs has not even drafted the amended Act and instead of working, Mulenga is busy holding press conferences.

Home Affairs Permanent Secretary Chileshe Mulenga told Journalists that those applying for dual citizenship will have to wait a little longer until Parliament amends the Immigration Act laws.

He said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through Zambian missions abroad has received numerous applications for dual citizenship which cannot be processed at the moment.

“Yes we have been receiving applications through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a number of queries from Zambians living in Zambia who want to take up dual citizenship, mostly these are Zambians who have been working abroad and have taken up other citizenships but want to reclaim their birth right as Zambians,” Dr Mulenga said.

Mulenga who, obviously could not disclose when the amendments to the Immigrations and Citizenship Act would be made appealed for patience from Zambians wishing to take up dual citizenship as the paper work has already started to operationalise the new law. Paper work could mean just blank stationery on his desk.

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