Dual citizenship – Zambians in Diaspora thankful but concerned

Mr Editor,
It is always an honor to be accorded an opportunity through this highly influential online paper to express views that reflect the thoughts of the diaspora

We ,the Zambians in the entire diaspora, highly applaud and congratulate the delegates at the National Convention on Drafting the Constitution for retaining the Dual Citizenship clause, a step in the right direction of acquiring citizenship of one country and still maintaining the other. Your hardwork will not go unnoticed and your thoughtful discernment that investment by Zambians abroad will be triggered when this clause is approved is not only a wise ruling but a revolutionary one. Once again we say thank you. We are smiling
BUT…….. We are not rejoicing, for the following reasons

1) We have a President and a Veep that have ,in strong terms, dismissed dual citizenship as merely an unworkable system that will not benefit Zambia. What assurance do we have that the two most powerful personalities will not try to stop its progress by veto or other methods?  We request that President Sata respects the new developments concerning this clause and support BECAUSE THE PEOPLE OF ZAMBIA have supported it. Failing to support this clause by the President will further alienate him from a people that so clearly supported him. Mr President, we appeal to you : Look around you, everyone else supports dual citizenship, so here is a chance to make history, DO NOT DEFLATE THE MOMENTUM. Members of Parliament, DO NOT DEFLATE THE MOMENTUM.

2) As much as we thank UPND  for supporting the clause,  we are not hearing or recieving support from the rest of the Opposition. Mr Elias Chipimo has been an excellent friend of the diaspora but we do not hear much of an audible voice from him supporting us on this issue. The clause has reached a critical stage, and its imperative that we make an appeal to Dr Nevers Mumba ,himself who was a member of the diaspora at one time, and other opposition leadersto help influence Sata on this constititional article. If this clause is not approved, we will not have much faith in the current leadership nor will we put much confidence in the opposition whose voice has always been faint concerning Dual Citizenship.

3) We do not wish to throw a dry spell on the dialogue of this draft Constitution. The dialogue has been positive, forward looking and extremely futurustic. We are concerned because there is an annoying reluctance by President Sata to hastily become progressive on issues like dual citizenship, and maybe the 50+1 theory and the Runner up clause but the facts are that if the President is not ready for these clauses, well Zambia is and we want to march on with progressive ideas not outdated paranoia. We appeal to the President once again – please support the Dual Citizenship clause.

Sidique Gondwe Geloo

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