Dubai con-men invade Zambia’s VISA card services

Standered Chartered Bank Zambia director is yet to issue a statement

International Conmen have invaded Zambian banks’ VISA cards system, Bank sources have told the Watchdog.
One of the three biggest and oldest banks in Zambia has already shut its visa services leaving customers both in Zambia and abroad stranded.
Another of the three biggest and oldest banks in Zambia is said to be planning to shut the system today, Thursday.
There is panic in the banks as customers are reporting unknown withdrawals from their accounts and thereby losing incomes, salaries and benefits.
According to sources, these withdrawals are made using swipes and that most swipe withdrawals are traced to Dubai, in the United Emirate Republic.
At the time of writing this article, the Bankers Association of Zambia board was in a crisis meeting and pondering to issue a statement to forestall confidence in the now porous visa services.

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