Dubai police boast how they helped DEC thwart largest cocaine smuggling bid

Dubai Police helped thwart the largest cocaine smuggling bid in Zambian history, revealed the Dubai Police Anti-Narcotics Department on Sunday.

The Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) Regional Director, Roy Aflak, hailed the anti-narcotics department’s co-operation in this regard.

In a message to the Director of the General Department of Anti-narcotics Brigadier Abdul Jalil Mahdi Mohammed Al Asmawi, Aflak underlined that the bid was busted because of prior information provided by Dubai Police.

He praised its permanent coordination with the agency and contribution in foiling many international drug smuggling bids that otherwise would not have been easily detected, “whether on the level of intelligence information or through taking sides with international working groups engaging in important drug combat operations,” Aflak stressed.

The anti-narcotics airport sections of Dubai Police had provided accurate and valuable information to the Zambian authorities though SOCA in Zambia, he said.

The two unemployed Bolivian suspects involved in the thwarted bid were identified as JGP, 31 a male, and MPJ, 21 a female. They were arrested in Lusaka trying to smuggle 13kg of cocaine from Sao Paulo to Zambia.

It was in line with this support that authorities in Lusaka had managed to detect and thwart the largest cocaine smuggling bid in Zambian history.

They were arrested at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in April, as they tried to smuggle cocaine into Zambia, some of which they had swallowed in the form of pellets or concealed inside bags and baggage.

Part of the contraband was stashed inside a laptop, perfume bottles, four DVD players and a talcum powder container.

In addition, a tea container full of cocaine stuffed capsules was reportedly seized along with cocoa containers containing cocaine.

Brigadier Al Asmawi underlined the importance of international co-operation in the fight against drugs.

“It is a major pillar in reducing the demand and multiplication of drugs besides achieving our objectives in confronting drug traders and smugglers from all walks of life,” he said.

In Zambia the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) Public Relations Officer, Samuel Silomba, had affirmed during a press briefing that they had never seized a contraband weight close to that.

“It was the largest single seizure ever recorded by the commission,” he said, adding the suspects travelled from Bolivia via Brazil and Dubai before moving to Zambia.

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