Dull Mwakalombe goes for HH

Dull Mwakalombe goes for HH

PF Lusaka Province Minister Japhen  Mwakalombe, who is well known for dullness, turned to attacking UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema after failing to explain anything he intends to do as minister for Lusaka.

Speaking when he featured on the Patriotic Front Interactive Forum, a platform dedicated to insulting HH,  Mwalalombe claimed that  Hichilema told lies about the state of affairs in the nation, in a foreign country.

” How can Mr HH go to South Africa and say there is no freedom in the Zambian Parliament and that there is the Presence of Police in Parliament?” Which Parliament? Because I’m a Parliamentarian in this nation and have never seen any police in our parliament harassing anyone.” He asked foolishly when knows that opposition MPs have been banned.


Dull Mwalalombe

Mwakalombe said that it was disappointing that Mr Hichilema has allowed politics to create hatred and division despite it being a service to Zambians.

He says it is unfortunate that the same person who was recently released from incarceration did not take time to start reorganising his party but rushed to misinform his funders on various issues pertaining to the country’s executive.

Mr. Mwakalombe says it is important for the opposition leader to be objective in giving his checks and balances to government and not always discredit what is done to benefit the Zambians.

He  said that the opposition leader does not care about the country’s well being because if he did, he could have protected the image of the country he has been campaigning to rule.

Mwakalombe said that after failure of several elections, the opposition should learn to live an exemplary life, than trying at all possible costs to ruin the country’s reputation.

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