Dull Mwakalombe goes for HH

PF Lusaka Province Minister Japhen  Mwakalombe, who is well known for dullness, turned to attacking UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema after failing to explain anything he intends to do as minister for Lusaka.

Speaking when he featured on the Patriotic Front Interactive Forum, a platform dedicated to insulting HH,  Mwalalombe claimed that  Hichilema told lies about the state of affairs in the nation, in a foreign country.

” How can Mr HH go to South Africa and say there is no freedom in the Zambian Parliament and that there is the Presence of Police in Parliament?” Which Parliament? Because I’m a Parliamentarian in this nation and have never seen any police in our parliament harassing anyone.” He asked foolishly when knows that opposition MPs have been banned.


Dull Mwalalombe

Mwakalombe said that it was disappointing that Mr Hichilema has allowed politics to create hatred and division despite it being a service to Zambians.

He says it is unfortunate that the same person who was recently released from incarceration did not take time to start reorganising his party but rushed to misinform his funders on various issues pertaining to the country’s executive.

Mr. Mwakalombe says it is important for the opposition leader to be objective in giving his checks and balances to government and not always discredit what is done to benefit the Zambians.

He  said that the opposition leader does not care about the country’s well being because if he did, he could have protected the image of the country he has been campaigning to rule.

Mwakalombe said that after failure of several elections, the opposition should learn to live an exemplary life, than trying at all possible costs to ruin the country’s reputation.


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    A K 5 months

    ndundumwezi is already in kitwe & mufulira.lungu will fail 2 come & campaign.take it or leave it.thy ve come 2 understand dat lungu,kambwili,yaluma,mabumba,etc are crooks.thy ve known dat lungu got money 4 his campaigns frm de mine dat,s y de mine is chasing them without respect.

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    Dundumwezi Is Coming To Copperbelt In 2021

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    Namoomba 5 months

    Lelo muli pali Mwakalombe? Very childish reporting!

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    Greg 5 months

    The dullest idiots in PF are MWAKALOMBE AND DAVIS MWILA!

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    Shut up yo mouth minister of u hv nothing gud to say…u re so dull

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    A K 5 months

    mwakalombe is a son of a bitch.u arrested HH on trumped up charges & u expect him 2 be quite.2021 is coming & am assuring u president HH will win.lungu has completely lost favour on de copperbelt.

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    Anyway dunderheads will remain dunderheads for life.

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    Sister SoulJah 5 months

    People feel a bit of mercy for the poor monkey, Mwakalombe.

    Nowadays, it’s rough for an illiterate person to get a job, let alone a good one. I remember the fellow from the city market fire and how he bluffed and just repeated dim witted comments to suck the VP’s tits and cunt.

    He is too dim for any serious job.

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    Chelsey 5 months

    This pf parasite is an idiot and ignorant. He doesn’t have any right to advise a well mannered and liked person like HH on how to handle national matters. He should find some time to teach his dictator master Lungu to stop abusing the opposition. Bribery money is so interesting in the sense that it blinds idiots like Mwakalombe or whatever his bastard name is, not to reason acordingly. Does Mwakalombe want HH to lie to world regarding the nasty treatment he went through Lungu’s prisons? Give a break or find something else to do other than disturbing my jovial mood. That said, you should be ready to apologize to the Zambian people for the nonsense you’re doing trying to dent the image of our loved HH. When time comes for Lungu to toss you out of the circle, don’t say that I was not told. You’re old enough to reason with your brain not otherwise. Intelligence is really expensive for a bunch of pf thugs. Shut up judas Iscariot Mwakalombe!

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    omie 5 months

    What checks and balances does the Zambian government have, when all the opposition ministers are banned from the parliament? What an empty dunderhead.

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    Ekm 5 months

    Bwana minister just eat for now. Don’t attack people who can’t use the same platform to defend themselves. Time will come. God is watching.

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    Sobongo 5 months

    This boy doesn’t have the right to say such. He won a parliamentary seat on an opposition party ticket but stepped down because he was offered a job in foreign service. He later came back to contest the same seat. He should remember the lie he told to justify his stepping down. To tell with him

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    intelligence 5 months

    this chap should just concentrate on working on roads in Ndeke Meanwood..leave HE.HH alone..

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    Listening to Mwakalombe speak, you would switch off your television or change the programme because he sounds so dull. Surely he can not dispute what HH said in South Africa.

    1. Government breaking into a private citizen’s house and teargassing him with dangerous chemicals this is disregard of the laws of the land and human rights abuse.D you dispute?

    2. Closing of the Post newspaper when the courts had allowed the newspaper to continue operating and to continue paying the tax arrears is lack of freedom of the press as well as the executive interfering in the work of the Judiciary.Do you dispute?

    3. Funding our young men in his party PF using government funds to intercept members of other political parties and maiming them and beating up of opposition members burying their member is a country with a complete break in the rule of law. Do you dispute?

    4. Employing of PF carders into the police with the sore aim of sorting out the opposition is to bring confusion to our police service which is equal to a police state.Do you dispute?

    5. Government organs causing havoc to our infrastructure and blaming the opposition is not acceptable.To date, do you dispute?

    6. Applying the law of the land indiscriminately by misinterpreting the constitution and the public order act, do we have a government that rspects the law? Dispute it.

    Why is Mwakalombe afraid of others knowing the bad things they are doing? You rule as if Zambia has never been ruled before. Talk of corruption all over government and you don’t even talk about it.
    Mwakalombe knows very well how his party has been stealing votes and would very much like this topic dropped so that he can plan freely how he can steal next time.We have to remove the PF poison to serve mother Zambia before talking of 2021.

    Zambians would like the Common Wealth to come and manage the election in 2021 and see if Mwakalombe’s party will win.

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    Is Mwakalombe in Zambia? Is he not aware that some media houses are closed, many journalists beaten and arrested, upnd has not been give a platform to air any views on ZNBC a national radio which every Zambian pays for, Police have always cancelled permits to UPND to hold rallies and MPs suspended for walking out of parliament when this is part of debate in Commonwealth ethics. How many MPs have been suspended in UK, South Africa etc? We have a very dull minister and MP in Mwakalombe. Next time the pipo who voted for him MUST remove him at all cost. HH, never told any lie but the truth which our Zambian Church leaders have indicated and wrote to Edgar Lungu about and labeled him a dictator. Diplomats in Zambia have talked about the rule of law and poor governance and even foreigners too. WHAT A SHAME!

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    jimmy shaba 5 months


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    Mainza 5 months

    People like Mwakalombe, Mwamba, Sunday Chanda, etc, are like boils on the anus; descipicable, bloody annoying, undesirable and bloody ruinous. Devoid of common good.

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    Japhen mwakalombe.PF has distroy its self PF government distroyed zambias image by doing bad things 2 zambians.i ws MMD from 1990-2015 i know mwakalombe U not a good leader coz u dont judge things correctly just eat my young man bt time is vary near,if President Trump of USA doze foolish things in USA withen 1hr de whole world wil know them my dear,even here wen u arreast any politcal player withen an hour de world wil know so start doing de right things n People wil start talking good on u.japhen u saying HH should start organising his party UPND my brother UPND is vary strong in zambia its de only political party in zambia which branches all over zambia.wards,consituency,district,provincal all intact,gv HH ka heros staduim 2 day right now n tell zambians at 15 he b their u b shocked young man de people who will b their,tell yo fellow thugs 2 stop beating any person wearing UPND regalia u wil c for yoselfs dat u r nothing bt their just for a while,am branch chairman i know UPND has numbers no one cn much

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    Mumbi Phiri 5 months

    Just tell us how 321 km road will cost that much, What criteria did you use to come up all that huge sums of Dollars? I have never seen a kind of Governance in my last 45 years of being in existence. You guyz by the time your myopic supporters will realise how scandalize you have done from the time you came into Government, some pipo who support PF will die of Hypertension. Another
    Dull Chap is attacking an innocent soul, instead of explaining to us on who’s going to present the National Budget becoz I understand Mutati isn’t the cadre preference, imagine this time of the year, If you were to chase Mutati, who’s going to present the national Budget? Come back to your senses pliz ba Paya Farmer [PF] and spare the Minister, and you so wish, just let him present the budget then, fire him.

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    eastern boy 5 months

    Instead of discussing real issues during the interactive forum he goes for someone who was incancerated for no reason.For sure your courts failed to instil justice until an intervention from foreign dignitaries,so what are u talking about.Just be eating my dear time will tell.

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      Chief Cadre 5 months

      I am sure his in-laws have now provide what they have always thought of Mwakalombe. Even the children will distance themselves from this level dullness.

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    kanyama veteran 5 months

    I ve never seen a dull minister like mwakalombe,he fails to articulate issues and i wonder what he contributes in parliament.Ba president dont appoint for the sake of appointing we re being embarrassed.

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      Biloko 5 months

      Do these tweets have anything else to talk about sad for our former peaceful country.